1. Getting Started

What is Unloc?

Unloc is an escrow-less peer-to-peer fully customizable NFT-collateralized loans platform with liquidity mining and a voting mechanism. Unloc is building the preeminent Financial Products and Consumer Services platform for Solana NFT Owners.

What is the Unloc Vision?

Our vision is to build a fully decentralized, self-sustaining lending platform that allows users to easily tap into the value of their NFTs on their own terms, outside of traditional marketplace buying & selling. We plan on continuously exploring new ways to earn or gain liquidity through NFT ownership, powered by a sleek interface for the best user experience.

Why is Unloc important?

Unloc is the first peer-to-peer NFT-collateralized lending platform to allow borrowers the ability to escrowlessly request a fully customizable loan, while simultaneously rewarding both parties for engaging in that loan contract.

Which currencies does Unloc support?

At present, Unloc enables you to access & provide liquidity in the form of SOL or USDC.

What are the fees on Unloc?

Unloc adds 0.1% of top of the loan amount and takes 10% rate from the repaid interest.

Example: Loan Value 1000 USDC, Repayment time 30 days, 12% APR (9.863 USDC).

Fee: 1% loan amount (1$) + 10% of repaid interests (0.986$) = 1.986$.

Is Unloc safe to use?

Absolutely, Unloc is safe to use. Our loan smart contract code has undergone rigorous scrutiny and verification by professional auditors. We also conducted an initial audit for potential vulnerabilities by Ackee, in addition to extensive community testing with over 500 active testers.

How to use Unloc?

Step by step (Medium story).

Aidrop details

All Unloc app users who actively engage with our platform will be eligible for a token airdrop. The more you utilize our services, the greater the $UNLOC rewards you can expect.

Wen token?